PMDisha is a multi-dimensional model. It provides assessment tools for the organization and the individual and it also provides a roadmap for improvement. Some of the uses of PMDisha are:

  1. Project Management Training Needs Assessment: Use this model to understand the current state and identify specific areas of improvement.
  2. Recruiting Project Managers based on Competency: Use the model to check the competency levels of candidates applying for the Project manager positions.
  3. Pre and Post training Assessments: If you are conducting training interventions, the model can provide pre and post assessments.
  4. Organizational improvement roadmap: Understand the current state of the competencies in the organization and derive a roadmap to improve.

Based on the results, PMDisha defines the level of excellence of the organization in its ‘Current state’ and provides the diagnostics of its competencies, processes and culture.

The FIVE levels of excellence are

  1. Primary
  2. Aware
  3. Active
  4. Proactive
  5. Established

PMDisha defines a comprehensive roadmap for the ‘Future State’ depending upon organization’s business model of achieving the excellence in ‘Realizing Intended Benefit’. At each excellence level assures the degree of benefits that can be accrued on its achievement.

PMDisha® Excellence Roadmap

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Conventional linear models fail to capture the complexity and the character of an organization. While assessing competency, different perspectives of stakeholders need to be considered. An organization displays a rainbow of competencies across different functions. Not only the competency, but also the perspective and not the culture needs to be assessed in order to determine the level of excellence.

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