OPMCube® (Organizational Project, Programme and Portfolio Maturity Model)

Today’s organization takes up Programme and Projects in accordance to their contribution to the organization’s strategic objectives and overall level of risk. The key challenge in today’s organization is not only to deliver the projects but also to sustain the changing business environments and to become competitive in global markets.

In order to achieve strategic initiatives, organizations invest on various project management initiatives and tools including global certification programmes. Time and again various studies have proved that internal measurements related to such initiatives are lacking to quite some extent. The fundamental questions need to be addressed are:

  • Whether our ‘Initiatives’ are in alignment with ‘Intentions‘?
  • How to measure the initiatives in alignment with ‘Intent‘ of organization’s strategy?
  • Whether to invest in new initiatives?

OPMCube® Objective

  • To benchmark current knowledge and practices in project management
  • It focusses on identifying gaps between ‘Intents' and ‘Actions'
  • To prepare road map for future development and realize benefits of applying Project Management practices

OPMCube® Structure

OPMCube® consists of THREE levels of assessment at different organizational hierarchies viz.

  • Skills assessment for project managers
  • PM Culture assessment for various organizational units
  • Organizational PM maturity assessment

The assessment data helps the organization to make the decisions at various levels / hierarchies. The collected data is rolled up to respective higher levels. (as shown in below exhibit) The data can be analyzed to make decisions for current and future interventions to tailor the organization’s processes for effective project management.


OPMCube® Salient Features

  • OPMCube benchmarks using Bottom-up approach.
  • Focus on “People, Process and Tools”
  • OPMCube® assessment is generic and no pre-requisites of knowledge of any specific standards are enforced.
  • OPMCube® instrument consists of measuring existing practices of Project Management to benchmark individual’s competency as well as organizational maturity. The assessment is based on knowledge, analytical abilities, work practices and decision making skills of individuals at all levels.
  • Creates a Road map for individuals’ development.
  • Helps for decision making and establishing coherent PM practices specific to the organization’s needs
  • Identifies the improvement areas for specific project parameters for individuals as well as the organization.
  • Identify development needs to plan educational initiatives at all levels of organization.
  • OPMCube® Recommendations consider Buyer’s and Seller’s organizations distinctively

OPMCube® Maturity Levels

OPMCube® maturity levels are calibrated in five ascending levels. Each level exhibits its unique characteristics. It is generally expected that a project organization should strive to reach "Continuous Improvement" level in stepwise progression. However organization can decide as to which level would be adequate to meet their business objectives.


The product is customized as per organizational requirements. Contact info@pmdisha.com for more details